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Misaki-Tsubasa GLOMP by JojoJubble Misaki-Tsubasa GLOMP by JojoJubble
EDIT2: Whew, cleaned up.
Outlining it? Um.... *runs away*
Hmm. You know, even after a few months of posting this, this is still the only Misaki-Tsubasa pic you'll find on dA. And also the only fanart of Misaki.


EDIT: I think I'll clean this up soon. But I'll probably forget. I might even outline it... hmm.


I was searching DA, and there wasn't a SINGLE Tsubasa-Misaki fanart!!!!!
That very deeply annoyed me. In Alice Academy, they're practically the MOST obvious couple of all the characters!!!
Everyone's always going on about Mikan and Natsume, Mikan and Ruka, etc etc etc but what about Tsubasa and Misaki???

Okie then. Now that the rant's over...

If you haven't already realized, Tsubasa and Misaki are Alice Academy characters... Tsubasa is Mikan's sempai (senpai??? Damn my cruddy beginner's Japanese), or senior and Misaki picks on him a lot :P.

They totally deserve a fanart (altough unfortunately it was done by me XD).. They danced at the last dance and everything so... yeah.

Tsubasa's totally weirded out...

They're in their RPG festival costumes (it's based on Aladdin) but Misaki's veil looks suspciously like a wedding veil, despite the fact that I altered it about 15 times XD
Tsubasa looks fat as well :P but it's just his top... it's baggy.

Tsubasa and Misaki are owned by Tachibana Higuchi, and not me.

Done with mechanical pencil, bla bla bla...
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Moonfyrestorm Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2009   Writer
I love Misaki/Tsubasa, I'm can't believe there isn't any other fanart for them... D< But your picture is great! Thanks for making fanart of such an awesome couple! ^^
Norah16 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2007
i prefer the manga better you can find the first few chapters on onemanga but some ch. are missing. yeah i was surprised that there was no tsubasa misaki are either. i think this is very cute
JojoJubble Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2007
I know, i've read it there ^^ but I copied this from the anime cos when this was drawn I enver realized it was based on the manga, the costumes are so much more gorgeous! ^^;
Thanks for droppin by :D
dkInfanticide Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2007
lol i was watching this on animax =D
JojoJubble Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2007
lol dyou like the show?
dkInfanticide Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2007
ok ok lor.. abit weird though..
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